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This has been one for the ages. I received a call from a gentleman in Utah, regarding his custom home not far from the eastern entrance of Zion National Park. He said he visited our website and loved the creativity of our work, but wanted us to outfit his home with something a little different than we’re used to. He wanted truly one-of-a-kind pieces for his entire home.


A special custom home in Utah beside Zion National Park

He requested that I pay a visit to the house in order to get a sense of the scope and feel of the surrounding countryside. After a quick 8 hour ride from California to Utah, we made it to his amazing home – a refuge from the busy life he leads in northern Utah. And, oh what a place this is. Up against 2 million acres of BLM land, this house is truly a paradise to behold. Peace and quiet has a new meaning out in the high desert. And, when your backyard is 2 million acres, the possibilities are endless.

We discussed art, life, the desert and the surrounding flora and fauna. His request to me was to find out how to bring the great outdoors indoors – the feeling of nature inside the home and all around him. But, not entirely so, either. For the feeling of life on the great frontier, the struggle, the history of the early industrial age was also something that excites him. He loves the story of things.


We started our home tour with the guest bathroom and what was currently a fairly rudimentary vanity light with a mirror beneath it that could probably be found at a big box department store – sort of uninspired for the scope of this house. What I came up with is a sense of the canyon walls of Zion, with life peering out from between the rocks in a seemingly impossible way.

I reached out to the glassblower I work with in Los Angeles and she showed me the possibilities. This is what we came up with.

A blown glass vanity light with a mosaic of wood species to simulated the canyon walls of the Utah landscape.


We then moved to the kitchen where the vision continued. We started with a 9′ long live edge slab of canyon oak, sanded and finished with a semigloss seal and added antique bottles – if only they could talk.

Twenty eight ancient bottles that once contained fluids from a bygone era. The scuffed and patinaed glass harbored stories of infirmed children, drunken miners and cooking oils imported from faraway lands.

We’re very happy with the kitchen chandelier.


We even added some nice hardware touches via a set of leaf springs from an auto salvage yard.

One of my favorite pieces for this installation is a piece made with something we haven’t used before. I’ve wanted to work with Selenite Crystal for some time but finally took this opportunity to incorporate it into this project. This fixture hangs outside the shower in the master suite.

A selenite crystal lamp fixture with patinaed copper and starburst bulbs give a sense of movement and calming natural beauty to the master bathroom.