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This is the long awaited update on a custom chandelier that Moonshine Lamp Co. installed for a foyer light in a custom home in Washington State. My customer was in the middle of construction on a brand new home in the town of Leavenworth. This quaint town high in the Cascade Mountains evokes the charm of a Bavarian village.

When I was asked to visit the home in its framed state, I glanced up to the dormer window high in the towering 20 foot tall atrium and instantly envisioned a grand clock tower mechanism fitting for a Bavarian home. For, clocks and Bavaria do go hand in hand, don’t they?

I quickly jotted down notes for a custom foyer chandelier that would also feature elements of my other lamp fixtures that my customer really liked. So, we began scouring the internet and local thrift stores for the most interesting antique and vintage bottles we could find to incorporate into this custom chandelier. We also wanted to add rustic charm in the design as part of the rustic interior design elements throughout the house.

Custom chandelier for a foyer made of wood antique glass and pulley wheels.
A tall foyer chandelier made from antique glass bottles