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Many of our customers ask if our chandeliers that feature pulleys actually operate in some way. Because that feature wouldn’t be feasible to add to our existing designs, we never had operating pulley chandeliers. Then, a customer approached us with a problem: keeping his game room lit when he had a table that converted between pool and ping pong. 

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The first thing we needed to do is redesign our ever popular Yorba Linda chandelier. As that fixture typically weighs 60 lbs, in order to make it a moving pulley chandelier, we would have needed an additional counter weight of 60 lbs. Adding 120 lbs to the ceiling in a standard house would be too taxing, so we had to cut down on the weight by half. Pictured below is the innovative chandelier design we created as a solution.

Moving and Mounting

We eliminated the heavy pipe on the side of the Yorba Linda fixture and cut down on the width and height of the fixture, eliminating a sizable amount of lumber. Cutting the weight down by half also made everything more manageable in the way of shipping, assembly, installation and operation.

Wire rope attaches to the decorative wheels of the fixture and heads up to the ceiling canopy. At the canopy are small pulley wheels that direct the wire rope over to the nearest wall beside the pool table.

At the wall, we mount the sliding counter balance to the working pulley chandelier. This is a heavy piece of hardware because it’s designed to handle the entire weight of the fixture plus the counter balance weight that makes the fixture easily movable.

Efficiency and Elegance

Efficiency is always part of a functional design. Less mechanics mean less bells and whistles and less complicated parts that add time and cost to the design process. We designed this innovative chandelier with a stackable weight system that allows the user to perfectly balance the chandelier movement to their liking.

In our opinion, the easiest way to operate the fixture is to have one side of the system actually heavier than the other. The pulley chandelier, being heavier than the counterweight, always rests in its lowest position, thereby removing the need for a locking mechanism at that position. Pushing down on the wooden bar that’s attached to the counterbalance slider raises the chandelier into its higher position. At that point, the slider locks into position, preventing the chandelier from lowering down on its own.

Release the locking lever and the chandelier lowers slowly back down. Unlock the counterbalance weight for it to gently lower the pulley chandelier into its resting position.

Custom Innovation from Moonshine Lamp Co.

Moonshine Lamp Company is all about custom work to help customers solve lighting problems and have the fixtures of their dreams, and our first moving chandelier was no exception. This real pulley chandelier provided an innovative solution for a customer and a really great project for us to work on.