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It was a busy 2022 and we’ve been slacking on our blog posts. But it hasn’t been for a lack of material, as we’ve been working feverishly on some very aggressive custom lighting designs for some wonderful interior designers and direct to consumer clients. For one amazing project, we were tasked with furnishing some rustic modern chandeliers and to help with some cabin interior design challenges in an amazing rustic home in Southern Utah.

We took our design cues from the beautiful landscape of the nearby hills and canyons adjacent to Zion National Park and the history of wild west frontier life. Each piece was carefully considered for each room in the house. We started in the kitchen with this six foot long live edge chandelier that featured antique glass bottles.

Live edge chandelier with antique glass bottles and rusted metal accent pieces for a truly custom folk art chandelier.
Antique Glass Bottle Chandelier with Live Edge Canopy
Custom Live Edge Glass Antique Glass Chandelier
We hung this chandelier using automotive suspension straps to give the piece a rustic American folk art chandelier feel.

This next chandelier was inspired by the rock walls of Bryce Canyon by starting with a rustic modern interior design approach using stained glass mosaic and an irregular shaped frame work for a truly cabin chic design element for this bedroom chandelier.

This rustic modern chandelier features a mosaic of stained glass in a modern chandelier style with a rustic modern flair.

The wall sconces in this same room were fashioned in a similar stained glass mosaic pattern. To fit in with cabin decor we chose for the rustic lamp base this amazing ghost wood piece to give a great modern cabin feel.

Rustic Modern Wall Sconce

This great piece was designed as a ceiling mount rustic light because of the lower ceiling. We incorporated low voltage LED lighting to minimize heat and distance down from the ceiling for this low profile light made of stained glass and live edge lighting elements. We found an amazing piece of olive wood to really give this rustic ceiling light an artistic and dynamic accent.

This rustic direct mount ceiling light is made from stained glass and olive wood.
Cabin Chic stained glass ceiling light.

And, finally, our most unique light fixture is fashioned from a tree branch mosaic art piece and raised stain glass shapes with copper accents. The copper edge stained glass is secured with copper wire accents to give this artistic light a real organic feel.

Tree branch stained class chandelier.
Stained Glass Live Edge Chandelier