How to Make Your Lighting More Sustainable

Jan 26, 2022

“Sustainability” may be one of the buzzwords of today, but sometimes it’s hard to pin down in application. It’s easy to think that sustainable lighting just means lights that use the most energy-efficient light bulbs, but sustainability encompasses more than that. At Moonshine Lamp Co., we understand the importance of eco-friendly lighting in a variety of aspects. Here’s our guide to how to make your lighting more sustainable.

The Cobalt Blue Recycled Bottle Candle Centerpiece

Consider the Source: Resourcing, Recycling, and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Overall, when promoting sustainable lighting, it’s most important to consider the source. First, think about the materials it comes from. While the light itself may come from light bulbs that can be changed, light fixtures also incorporate other more stationary components, such as metal or wood parts. The wood finishes, metal paints, and plastic parts of light fixtures can contribute to waste and pollution and so are often harmful to the environment, especially when not disposed of properly. At Moonshine Lamp Co., we use only biodegradable and safe finishes and paints for each component in our fixtures. For eco-friendly lighting, make sure you get fixtures that only use environmentally-friendly finishing techniques.

Resourcing and recycling materials is also an important component in promoting sustainability through light fixtures. Instead of using resources to make new components, reusing old ones is both more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Many of our products are named after the recycled component that makes them so special. This type of eco-friendly manufacturing makes for sustainable decor that has a rustic charm in its one-of-a-kind nature.

Sazerac Rye Whiskey Bottle Pendant Light

Prioritize the Packaging

In addition to reducing waste through the manufacturing and materials used for light fixtures, you can make your lighting more sustainable by prioritizing the method or means of packaging, shipment, and installation. Light fixtures can be heavy, large, and fragile, making them hard to ship, and some companies will use a lot of wasteful packaging such as styrofoam and plastic wrap that then go directly to the landfill. 

A priority on sustainable lighting, though, means looking for lighting sources that are more eco-friendly in packaging and shipment. For example, we use a biodegradable packing peanut that can be easily disposed of after transport, reducing our footprint to provide more sustainable decor. Making sure you get eco-friendly lighting means considering how eco-friendly its route to you is. 

Recognize Voltage, Wattage, and Power Usage

Once your light fixture is made, shipped, and installed, you can partly control its energy efficiency through features like voltage, wattage, and power usage. Sustainable lighting may mean using only the highest quality light bulbs in your fixture to maximize energy efficiency. Another strategy is using dimmers or task lighting. 

Make the Move Towards Sustainable Lighting with Moonshine Lamp Company

At Moonshine Lamp Co. we understand that sustainability is sometimes easier said than done, yet we remain committed to limiting our carbon footprint on the world and reusing or recycling as much as possible. Browse our selection of eco-friendly lighting products made using recycled materials. You can even send us your own bottles for a custom piece. Reach out to us today by email or phone at (818) 621-4089 to get started with your one-of-a-kind sustainable lighting. 

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