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This has been a remarkable project as a custom rustic chandelier build for a modern farmhouse with rustic decor in Flint Texas. Our customer coined a new phrase, as far as we’re concerned, when he asked for a custom rustic chandelier that featured a “farmpunk” style. We were actually quite taken by this clever description for what he envisioned, and we immediately rolled up our sleeves, on a mission.

First, at Moonshine Lamp Co. we began searching the web for photos of farming industry and industrial age farming implements. Much of mechanical engineering featured in factories crosses over into farming, as the industrial age brought about some basic design in machinery that made sense as a base for various kinds of manufacturing.

With that in mind, we started with some basic drawings.

We imagined some sort of hay loft contraption or grain elevator that would inspire a sense of movement in the custom rustic chandelier body. We envisioned suspension straps, aged wood, gears, pulleys and rusty hardware. Of course, everything was made from new parts, so we had to age all of the surfaces.

This is what we started with:

And then we began the aging process.

Pretty happy with this one. We’ll show the final installation in February.