Installing a new 8″ Can Light Cover

Jun 13, 2024

This project addressed a long-standing issue with unattractive can light cover that my customer had grown weary of. She had been wanting to renovate her living space for some time, but she faced the challenge of updating the look without having to drywall over the existing can light cover. These lights were essential for the room’s illumination, yet their outdated appearance clashed with the envisioned aesthetic for the updated space.

Artistic can light covers

To tackle this problem, I proposed an innovative solution: artistic can light covers that would seamlessly blend with her boho style home decor. After discussing various options, we decided on using natural stone agate, which has a unique and earthy beauty. The agate was complemented by bent walnut rings, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch. This combination not only provided a natural accent to the room but also harmonized perfectly with the rustic modern theme she desired.

The process involved carefully selecting each piece of agate for its color and pattern, ensuring that every cover was a work of art in itself. The walnut rings were meticulously crafted to create a fluid, organic shape that encased the stone beautifully. Installation was carried out with precision to ensure that the light covers not only looked stunning but also functioned effectively, providing the necessary illumination without any obstruction.

Installation Success Story

The result was a transformative upgrade that breathed new life into her modern cabin. The once unsightly can lights were now eye-catching focal points, contributing to a cohesive and stylish ambiance. The space now boasts a harmonious blend of natural materials and contemporary design, reflecting her personal taste and lifestyle.

Her modern cabin is now not just updated but truly fabulous, with each room exuding a sense of warmth and individuality. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design and creativity can solve practical problems while enhancing the overall beauty and functionality of a home. My customer is delighted with the outcome, and her home now feels more inviting and reflective of her unique style.

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