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We were contacted by a customer who wanted us to make something normally not part of our repertoire. However, we do love it when people appreciate what we do and can see the fine detail and craftsmanship we put into our custom lamp designs and custom lighting fabrication. This encourages them to ask if we can make something more along the lines of their unique project requirements. This is the picture we were sent.

Based on the length of the crystal pendants hanging around the rim, we surmised that the fixture in this photo was around 18″ in diameter. Our customer wanted something similar in a 5′ diameter. Not a problem. However, there are several considerations to scaling a fixture like that. First, weight! can the ceiling support 100lbs or crystals in a 5′ diameter ring? The second issue is always about safe travel to the location. For this custom chandelier design project, we first needed to figure out the geometry of the rings and the distance between them, in order for the crystal strands to create a nice sweeping bowl effect.

Next, it was time to hang up the rings and start attaching crystals.

Once we confirmed that our math was correct and that everything hung beautifully, it was time to break it all down and get everything packed for the ride to Iowa!

Once we got there, we first attached the crystal chandelier structure to the ceiling.

The work is in the planning. Once the process is figured out, the rest goes fairly well.

What a sight, indeed! A 60″ diameter sparkling custom crystal chandelier!