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If you’re looking into modern industrial home design, don’t forget about lighting. Refreshing the lighting in your space can be the best way to update the design, giving a totally different feel with something as simple as a small sconce accent. Here are four ways to use lighting in your updated design scheme.

The Yorba Linda Pool Table Light Fixture

#1: Choose Modern Statement Pieces with Industrial Flair

One staple of modern industrial home design is the statement piece, like a chandelier that serves as the focal point for the space. Choose a modern statement piece that has industrial flair to its design, with elements like vintage pulley wheels.

Take the Yorba Linda Pool Table Light Fixture pictured above for example. This eight-lamp chandelier marries modern and industrial aesthetics using steel brackets and aluminum pulley wheels on poplar wood planks under a metal ceiling canopy. A stylish example of wood and metal decor, the Yorba Linda makes a stunning feature to draw eyes and define its space. Plus, you get to customize your design down to the stain of the wood and the finish for the metal.

#2: Place Small Pieces for a Big Impact

While statement pieces can be powerful, there are other ways to create a successful space with smaller style elements. Place small pieces like wall sconces for a big impact in a space. These vital accent lights can lean more modern, like the Atwater Modern Wall Sconce with a sleek design and some clean contours, or more industrial, like the Clovis Industrial Wall Sconce with its blown glass and brass hardware. Either way, the mixed materials and styles make for unique fixtures that may be small, but the touch they add to a design can make all the difference.

#3: Embrace the Power of Mixing Materials

Like the wood and metal decor excellence of the Yorba Linda discussed earlier, another way to use lighting in your modern industrial home design is to embrace the power of mixing materials. This design trend allows for unique combinations for lighting fixtures to light up truly one-of-a-kind spaces. There are some classic duos for industrial light fixtures, like brass hardware on wooden bases. But the possibilities are endless!

Modern touches include braided fabric cords and blown glass orbs to make each piece unique. Glass works well in wood and metal decor, so don’t shy away from bigger combinations. You can craft your dream pieces with personalized options every step of the way.

#4: Grab a Lamp for Your Table or Desk

There’s no faster way to use lighting to create a modern industrial home design than by grabbing the right lamp for your table or desk. Lamps come with the advantage of being more easily mobile than other types of lighting which are called “fixtures” for a reason. Enjoy the flexibility of getting your modern industrial lighting through lamps. Try a modern candle lamp centerpiece for your dining room or patio table. Or, get an industrial desk lamp that has modern features, like the Arcata Copper Pipe Desk Lamp. This lamp combines glass with wood and metal: decor that’s simple but so perfect.

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