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The Royal York Hotel

Just acquired a really nice shot of the Royal York Hotel renovation in the UK with our most famous product line, The Warehouser Pulley Pendant Chandelier. We sent 32 of these fixtures for the new bar area.

Order 209

Folks rarely ask for these awesome 209 Gin Bottles for their custom chandeliers, but we just love the way the glass bottles look with fancy lightbulbs inside. We’ll post the picture of this completed custom unique bottle chandelier.

Decided to experiment…

I have these large chunks of walnut hardwood laying around the shop. Coupled with these great pieces of stained glass that I acquired, I built these block night lights. Pretty cool.

Love The Mason Jars

We just can’t get enough of the canning jar sconces, featured here with a Ball Jar in teal and a pulley wheel finished in copper. The backing plate is black, to match a package of lamps that are to be installed in a new custom home in Arizona. We’re looking forward to seeing that interior once it’s complete.

Farmhouse Fixtures

Yep, these are right up you’re alley, if you’re looking for a unique twist on the ever popular canning jar, mason jar or ball jar farmhouse lights. We weathered the metal to give that worn of the ages feel and these will be sent to a fresh farm to table restaurant in Georgia.

Earth, Wind and…

Such a beautiful piece. we took a piece of live edge Aspen and fastened these lovely pebbled blue glass vases that we handout at the bottoms. We’ll be sending this to a new home on the east coast.

Getting ready for Halloween

We just finished this awesome horrific version of The Warehouser, just in time for your funky halloween parties. Boo!

Bringing a little bohemian into the mix

This is still a work in progress, as we have to work out the details of the pulley system. But, this rustic bohemian style bottle lamp has been a great challenge and great fun to bring to life. Stay tuned as we get this ready to roll off the assembly line. It actually raises and lowers so you can clean the glass and change the bulbs. Once you’re done, you just have to push it up and raise it into place. The beautiful brass vessel is a weight that balances out the fixture.

Making New Look Old

We’re in the process of designing a super cool light fixture. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for some time, and are now finally rolling up our sleeves to make things happen. This is another manifestation of lamps with pulleys, as that theme is as strong as ever. We found this new unfinished brass vessel and did some work to it. We added the arms and wheels and gave it a distressed look. On to the next phase of construction!

New product lines

It’s very cool to take a customer’s raw concept and turn it into a piece of art and function. This is a new product line for our distributor in Bahrain, made from two recycled Voss water bottles.