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Sea Shores and Treasure Hunts

We love this chandelier and the way it evokes a coastal sea shore and the magic of treasure hunts in sunken ships.  We took a piece of live edge Aspen, gave it a nice glossy finish and fashioned some neat random bottles that we’ve found during our travels and transformed into dazzling lights.


We’re on TV!

That’s right!  We’re not going to spoil it, but we’ll be on television later this summer, to highlight a cusom fabrication job we did for a vintage lamp.  We’ll let you know as soon as we get details on where and when!


Where Nature Meets Art

I’ve been intrigued by geodes ever since a friend of mine bought one and wanted to put a light behind it in an effort to give his wife something handmade for Christmas.  We fumbled through something at the eleventh hour, but I just couldn’t shake from my mind the image of a refined well designed presentation as a piece of functional art.  I think we’re getting close!



Moonshine Unplugged!

That’s right – we’ve been holed up in the workshop over the holidays, and came up with a cool new use for one of our favorite bottles – a wine decanter.  It also works well for our other favorite drink, whiskey!



The New 3-Light Warehouser

We’re pleased with the layout of this new three lamp version of our popular Warehouser Dual Pendant Lamp. The Crown Royal bottles, with their beautiful facets of embossed glass add a nice elegance to the normally simple and clean lines of the Warehouser Dual Pendant custom lamp.


Fun with wood

For our retail store, Heirloom, it’s not always about lamps and lighting. We feature handmade items from artists nearby and far away, encouraging those who have killer ideas to test them out on our shelves. Here are some new products fashioned right here in the Heirloom Workshop space, where we also make our chandeliers and lamps for Moonshine Lamp Company, Heirloom’s lighting and chandelier product division.


We will also be featuring this beautiful menorah for those who celebrate Hanukkah.


Pool Table Lighting

This has been one of our most challenging pieces, to date. As folks have asked on a few occasions if we can make a custom light fixture for over a pool table, we have tried solving the problem of glass bottles and down lights functioning both at the same time. It’s not a very condusive style for pool table lighting.

For this fixture, we opted for a solid shade over the lightbulbs to avoid blasting light from the sides and into the eyes of those standing nearby.

We’re really happy with the outcome and are going to put this fixture up for sale very soon.



Form Meets Function

Working a very cool client on a brand new pool table light design. It’s very important to consider the necessary function of this type of fixture while giving is a totally “outside the box” custom style. It’s going to be epic. Most excellent pics to follow.


Pool Table Plans

Pennsylvania Log Home

We’re really happy with the installation back east in this beautiful custom log home that was built in the rural countryside east of Philadelphia.  Here are a couple of our favorite fixtures.


DSC_0266 Farm Beam Watermark


The ring is 6′ in diameter and has a real industrial age chandelier feel.  We used a series of steel rings to create one large circle, and wrapped the whole thing with curved bands of walnut wood.

A place in the garden.

This was a really cool project that was brought to me by Michelle Black at She found a bunch of stuff in an old farmhouse that was about to be torn down and immediately thought about some sort of cool chandelier. Luckily, I had that large metal strap from a wine barrel that a friend gave me only a few days prior. After a little bit of geometry and an afternoon of patience, I managed to figure out how to fit a couple of christmas lights carefully into the jars and around the circles evenly. I call it…

The Firefly