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February 2018

The Harmony

Wiring up these beautiful teal bottles as part of our Harmony chandelier.  Teal is our most popular color and has been for some time.  We’re going to bringing out a few new pieces using this great color of glass.

We can’t wait to show you the finished product, lit up in all its glory.

Work Progress

After much hand wringing and anguish over just what to include in our newly improved blog, we’ve decided that it would be fabulous to let this page serve as progress updates for all of our customers to see.  We will invite our customers to watch along as we manufacture their custom lamp fixtures.

We just finished cutting a set of beautiful blue bottles and wine bottles for a Napa chandelier that will be heading to Tom in the UK.   The canopy is not dry with it’s semi gloss “Early American” stain.  Assembly pics to follow!