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January 2016

Finally, A New Floor Lamp

The masses have spoken. We’re proud to unveil our very first floor lamp. This fixture stands 3’ tall at its lowest point, but is adjustable up to 5’ in height.

The Royal York Hotel

Just acquired a really nice shot of the Royal York Hotel renovation in the UK with our most famous product line, The Warehouser Pulley Pendant Chandelier. We sent 32 of these fixtures for the new bar area.

Order 209

Folks rarely ask for these awesome 209 Gin Bottles for their custom chandeliers, but we just love the way the glass bottles look with fancy lightbulbs inside. We’ll post the picture of this completed custom unique bottle chandelier.

Decided to experiment…

I have these large chunks of walnut hardwood laying around the shop. Coupled with these great pieces of stained glass that I acquired, I built these block night lights. Pretty cool.