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September 2015

Earth, Wind and…

Such a beautiful piece. we took a piece of live edge Aspen and fastened these lovely pebbled blue glass vases that we handout at the bottoms. We’ll be sending this to a new home on the east coast.

Getting ready for Halloween

We just finished this awesome horrific version of The Warehouser, just in time for your funky halloween parties. Boo!

Bringing a little bohemian into the mix

This is still a work in progress, as we have to work out the details of the pulley system. But, this rustic bohemian style bottle lamp has been a great challenge and great fun to bring to life. Stay tuned as we get this ready to roll off the assembly line. It actually raises and lowers so you can clean the glass and change the bulbs. Once you’re done, you just have to push it up and raise it into place. The beautiful brass vessel is a weight that balances out the fixture.