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June 2015

The Sonoma

Really happy with the way this turned out. Our friends over at Integrity Sheet Metal made us the hoops, and we did the rest. This can be made with any combination of bottles and hoop sizes. For this fixture, the sky is the limit.

New Designs

Whew! We’ve been trying to keep our heads up while filling orders and prepping the big UK hotel job. We finally finished phase one of our new tiered chandelier design. Things are looking bright here at the Moonshine Lamp North American Headquarters.

It’s in the details.

That’s right. We love all of the contours of the little parts and pieces that make up the brass armature for this custom piece. If you’re in the Savannah area this fall, you’ll find these fixtures in a new restaurant in downtown. We’ll keep you posted.

Faux Finishes

We love the way these brass sockets are turning out with our faux patina. They just didn’t work as a new and shiny brass accessory for our industrial style fixture.