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March 2015

It’s not always about the bottles.

Sometimes, it’s just downright crazy around here. A customer brought in two of these lamps and said he needed something to hang over an old secretary he has in his 100 year old house. Why not a couple of railroad lanterns? Too bad they were battery operated and corroded beyond belief. We took them apart and reconditioned the insides with all new wiring and lightbulbs. Now, these wall sconces will shine indefinitely, no batteries necessary.

It’s a Wrap!

That’s right. Finished up the first of three chandeliers to be installed in a house north of Seattle, in a couple of weeks.


This one was a quick build in our Claremont, California shop, to be shipped up ahead of time.


The other two chandeliers will be assembles on site. Good times!

Amazing Bottles

Sometimes, we just can’t believe that these works of art are simply designed for a one time use before being promptly discarded in the recycle bin. Some of our favorite bottles, the St Germain, will be on their way to MA as a part of 5 units for a new restaurant.

A new client in the great Northwest

Paid a visit to the home of a client just north of Seattle. Started with a bit of R&R via some stunning walking trails.


We then took a drive to the small town of Duvall, where a stunning array of live edge lumber awaited. We chose a beautiful 6’ piece for the dining room chandelier that will be constructed on site.


And, finally, the main event. We took a limb from this lovely lakeside tree and we’ll be using it to fashion an amazing chandelier for the living room.


Now, we’re hard at work back at the Claremont California Moonshine Lamp workshop for construction of all the parts and pieces. Stay tuned!

A new cafe in Bahrain

That’s right. There’s a new cafe opening up in The Kingdom Of Bahrain, and I’ve been asked to come up with some non-alcoholic bottles for a selection of wall sconces that will adorn the walls of this new eatery. Believe it or not, that’s kind of a tall order. Liquor and perfume bottles are the coolest around, and it’s really hard to find anything in between that’s interesting. But, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are a few of the selections that are under consideration by the designers.